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Leaving No Small Business Behind

If you are a small business impacted by COVID-19, and would like another way to generate revenue to help stay afloat, Veera Local would love to help you.

We are a team of undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill who have worked with small businesses across the world, in a diversity of industries. From a UX agency in South Africa to small farms in rural India to an acai-bowl restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, we pride ourselves in helping you by giving you everything you could need to be successful. 

It is our promise to always put our clients first, and to connect you to every opportunity we can find. We hope to learn as much as we can about what you do and love. Registering with us will allow us to rapidly assess your needs, and put you on our platform. This can be in the form of finding other local businesses interested in your products, connecting you with people who can provide you with financial resources and assistance, or even being a shoulder to lean on and a friendly face to talk to. Once you fill out the form below, we will contact you via phone or email within a 2-3 hours to set you up on our platform and to go over how we can help you the best. 

In Hindi, "Veera" means brave. We are here to help you brave the current crisis.

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